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Tasajo (Carne en Chili)

Submitted by:

Irma Cal Cac



Country of Origin:


Cook time:

1 hour and 30 minutes




3 pounds smoked pork
3 pounds red tomatoes
10 tamarillos
1 pound onions
3 garlic heads
1 pound dried chilis

Ingredients substitutions:

If you want, you can include potatoes or carrots.


1. Place the pork in large pot with a little water and set the pot on medium heat.
2. Combine and cook the remaining ingredients (tomatoes, tamarillos, onion, garlic, and dried chilis) on low heat until roasted.
3. Once roasted, grind the vegetables using a hand stone or blender until fully ground.
4. Pour the ground vegetables over the meat, and cook the meat on low heat for 45 more minutes so that the spices penetrate the meat.
5. Store and serve 1 day after cooking for greater flavor.

What makes this recipe special?

This jerky is a dish native to the municipality Q'eqchies of the Department of Alta Verapaz. Carcha, Cahabon, and Chamelco are areas that are characterized by having dishes with that are spicy.