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RTI Plants its Roots in the Triangle area

“There’s nothing here but pine trees and possums!”

Substance Abuse Research at RTI

How the 1960s drug crisis led to an important series of government contracts

Autocuers, Cochlear Implants, and "Nemesis"

RTI's outsize impact on hearing research in the 1970s

Sick Building Syndrome and Acid Rain: RTI Plays Sleuth for the EPA

"A heavier load of chemicals than you’d find in industrial New Jersey"

Advances in 3-Phenyltropane Analogs: F. Ivy Carroll at Work

"A compound that provides some of the rewarding properties of cocaine—but not all of them"

RTI Helps Iraq Recover from War and Devastation

"No one had seen a reconstruction program of this magnitude since the Marshall Plan"

Violence, Traffic Stops, and Deaths in Police Custody: Criminology Research at RTI

"We found that individuals with mental illness are at high risk of victimization"